Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

'Nuf Said

Mission Impossible

Today I HAVE to clean. My mother sweetly obliged me in keeping the two little ones for a couple of days, so I have no excuses

I have found things tend to "explode" in the time leading up to and following a trip. Even those who didn't go with us to visit family at the beginning of the month had to be packed up to stay in their respective "Home away from home" assignments.

I have learned over the years when I am planning to pack, I must first have every article of clothing in the house laundered so that I am not stymied in what I want to pack. Some how it becomes more about laundry and less about packing. SO... 15" after I was supposed to leave, I am throwing clothes into bags and then into the trunk.

Imagine my surprise when I arrive home from said trip to find the house in ABSOLUTE CHAOS and mounds of unfolded laundry covering every available surface!

I have tried to be better prepared, and I have been doing some better, but I am a "PROCRASTINATOR" and I have a hard time getting things done with out, "Your already late!" running thru my head!

This said, our house was suffering from the above mentioned trip and thus a packing spree. (I usually pack too much due to not thinking clearly and just throwing in whatever is handy. ) Therefore upon our arrival home, the heaps of laundry were joined by heaps of luggage filled with dirty laundry.

We arrived home on Tuesday PM, which was followed by a chaotic week. (you know, with us house building and all) Sunday night I went for a walk /run to get out of the messy house, broke my foot, thus halting my cleaning for at least a week.

By the second week I was up making meals, but keeping the kitchen cleaned up was a full time job! I tended to hide in the kitchen so that I didn't have to encounter the pit the rest of my house had become.

Yesterday the DR. told me I have only 2 more weeks in the air cast, rather than 4-6. I am getting a lot more done, and generally keeping up with the main level of the house. Until today our room with its mile high piles of laundry, and the "bar" in the kitchen with assorted papers needing to be filled were my biggest challenges.

The laundry is conquered! My bed is made! The floor is visible! Now on to the filing!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Renew Me

One of the tremendous blessings, since our move to "Corn Country" three years ago, has been the local Ladies Bible Study I am a part of. When I first started coming they were in the middle of a study on being a Mom. After that we went to a study on being a Wife, followed by studies on being a Woman of Purpose and Authentic Relationships.

More recently we stepped up and tackled "Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. As if that wasn't brutal enough we now have the spotlight trained full power on our hearts as we journey together thru "Seeking Him: a handbook for personal revival". (also co-authored by the painfully honest Nancy Leigh)

I personally did not push for either of these studies due to having already gone thru "Lies" and knowing full well "Seeking Him" would be just as convicting. God in His wisdom brought both studies to our group in HIS time. I am just thankful we meet every other week so we get a little extra time to process the areas God reveals as needing attention!

All that to say ( I do have a point to this!) I knew my heart needed revival. I knew God was reaching out to me offering more peace, more joy, more love. I knew I could have all that, be all He wanted me to be. But I knew I would need to humble myself. I knew I would have to become transparent, before God and those in our study, about my comfortable apathy. I knew I was just too tired to add another thing to my "to do list".

Thankfully God stepped in, prompted the heart of one of the ladies, and the decision was made despite my firmly planted heels. Actually, I even gave my book to someone else when the study first started because we ran short, aren't I generous! Again, God stepped in and miraculously the order I placed for another book arrived 3 days after I ordered it and in plenty of time to have me current for our first time together in the study. I was kinda crabby that night and threatened to stay home. (Can you believe I am the mom of 5? I act like I'm 2 sometimes!!)

And now... the above song has been my heart cry for the past month. I was struck with the lyrics in the midst of my rebellion against God working in my heart. I had a comfortable existence. I was a Christian. I tried to live godly - on my own. I urged my children to thirst for God - but I didn't. GOD!!!! CHANGE ME!!!!

He is soooo faithful! He heard. He is drawing, not pushing. He is equipping. He is whetting my thirst for Him. It's exhausting! Obedience is a place of safety and comfort.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Police, Propane, and Protest

The above title was originally the title for my previous post, but I waxed so eloquent on the "Police" part, I felt it needed it's own post.

A side note to the Academy Graduation: I enjoyed the inclusion of the songs "Bad Boys" and the theme from Rocky during the clips of their training.

On to the other notable happenings today:

First off an update: we did find Don's phone!!!! It had been rained on, but it's still working!

Propane: I was gone all day. (8am to 5pm) Don called around 4:30 to inquire if I had intentionally left a propane burner on our stove on with out a flame. Since I do not have a death wish for myself or my family, I assured him it was an accident. The house smelled TERRIBLE.

Protest: (a.k.a. Fit Throwing) One of my bestest friends runs a day care out of her home. I swear she is a saint!! I hung out today for a while to help and let her get a couple hours of quiet. Things went well, but I am defiantly not cut out for being a part time parent. There are too many variables between how I do parenting and the parenting, or lack there of, of others. I am not mellow enough to let a 2 year old run, or even think they run my life!

Blessings on your head Shannon friend! I am excited you will be done with day care next fall!! The protests of your day care families just proves how valuable you are to them!

Standing In The Gap For Me

Today my "little" brother graduated from the police academy. It was neat to see the class of 11 and some of their footage of being "maced" and parts of their training. They looked so sharp! Each is already working for various community departments. The class chose who would address them during the graduation. The speech was interesting in that it was exactly what the officers needed to hear, but more sobering to those of us in the audience.

What a massive role to carry! It was noted that only 5% of those desiring to become an officer actually qualify. They were referred to as a part of the "Thin Blue Line". In context I am assuming this referred to a line protecting the "good" from the "evil". The speaker even mentioned how from now on the officers would never really be able to relax in a public setting.

During the ceremony I realized how little I know about the training Marc has been thru. They spoke of hundreds of hours of classroom training, and testing, as well as the many hours spent learning and practicing with firearms.

I've known for over a year, maybe two, Marc was planning to become an officer, but he speaks very little of how much work that entails. Maybe that is a part of being a good officer.

I have a brother-in-law who is also a police officer. He has been for as long as I've known him, but I NEVER think of him within the context of his job when we spend time with him and his family! I remember J's occupation when his wife, A, speaks of court appearances, trials, 3rd shift. But who is the world are they discussing when they talk about having to deal with domestic disturbances, gruesome homicide investigations, and having an unlisted phone number and surveillance cameras at their home due to threats to J's person?!?!?!?!?

I have seen Marc in uniform quite a few times, but I only remember seeing J in uniform once. It was strange to see this gentle, loving giant of a man, transformed in uniform into a presence invoking awe and commanding respect.

Marc and J are both formidable men. Tall and broad with strong bodies they carry with them a sense of safety which covers those they are with. But still I fear for them and pray for their safety. Some of the other men and women were smaller and seemed young but all carried the weight of their chosen responsibility well.

I know there are those who despise the uniform, and there are those who have disgraced it. In my mind it stands as a symbol of one who has voluntarily chosen to make my well-being his/ her utmost priority.

In that context I cannot help but think of my Savior. Christ chose to protect my life KNOWING it would cost Him everything, knowing I would reject Him, yet He willingly humbled Himself and gave His all for ME!

Though most in uniform do not realize it, they are a reflection of God on earth. Thank you to all who have chosen this enormous responsibility both here at home and abroad! I am eternally grateful and you are in my prayers.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pros and Cons

THINGS THAT WILL CHANGE (even if it seems like it will never happen)
~Broken foot
~Rental house with water in the basement making the whole house smell like a dirty rest area
~Hubby's lost cell phone (I hope that changes and soon!)
~Stuck tractor
~Clothes everywhere
~More dirty dishes
~6 year old's VERY naughty mouth
~4&5 year old squabbling
~Forgetfulness due to chaos (this one may just get worse!)
~Gas prices (this too may only get worse!)
~Ants in my kitchen
~Wet beds

THINGS THAT WILL CHANGE (that I want to stay the same)
~8 year old's desire to be helpful
~Being adored by my kids
~Spring bulbs blooming
~My grandparents being close by for talks, coffee, and godly counsel
~Spirit of unity with fellow believers
~Craving fruit instead of chocolate
~Crisp and clean new sunny yellow jacket
~Updated hair cuts for the kids
~Everybody tucked in and sleeping securely under the same roof
~Being the 2nd tallest in our immediate family. I am sure to be the shortest by the time the kids are grown. I am the oldest of 8 kids and the only sibling shorter than me is pretty close to my height and 10 years old!
~Kids who still want to be close and sit in my lap

~God's love
~Don's love
~My eternal security
~The fact that I have 5 children, whether they claim me or not
~Great REAL friends
~John 16:33(Msg.)
"In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties. But take heart! I've conquered the world."

***The rain has stopped and the sun is TRYING to break thru***

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I hesitate to write this for fear of being proved wrong, but I believe Spring has finally come to the mid west!!!
We were visiting family the first weekend of April and enjoyed their balmy weather and sunshine. 500 miles later we were in snow. It has snowed at least twice since our arrival home and when it's not snowing, it's been raining.
HOWEVER! Today is GORGEOUS!!! Our three oldest children went with my grandpa to his "farm" this afternoon. They are to return by 7:15 am tomorrow for school. I am sure they will need showers as they most likely will return smelling like a campfire.
Don has a very sore throat, and plans to check in with our DR. tomorrow. He stayed home from church to keep from spreading his germs, how stingy of him! We have spent most the afternoon outside soaking up the sunshine and puttering around.
I just did 15" of TaeBo abs. Something is better than nothing. I have been getting a little walking done on the treadmill as well. (to all the mother hens, I do realize I will be MUCH edgier if I further injure myself and end up restricted for a longer period of time. As such I am very careful to "work out" within my limits. I even quit before my foot was tired!) That said, I feel HEAPS better having exerted myself a tad!
So, between the sunshine, the yummy mashed potatoes Don made for lunch, I always ruin them and wont eat them, and the fact we celebrate the resurrection of my LORD each Sunday, there is much to be thankful for!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Since starting my blog, yesterday, my mind has been swirling with ideas for things to write about. I have plenty of ideas, but for today, I can only cover today.
In case you hadn't already caught on, I am vertically challenged. Thankfully, what I lack vertically has been balanced by being "blessed" horizontally!
I've hated anything even remotely athletic for the better part of my 30 years, but ALAS! I made friends with an exercise diva and was introduced to TaeBo by another friend a couple of years ago. Since that time I have made working out a habit. I would love to tell you I am drastically slimmer, but the extent of my boasting is that I have not added and pounds in the past couple of years.
Back to today.... I have come to enjoy my times of exercise, especially with friends, and the endorphins it releases.
BUT, I broke my foot last Sunday night and am now a rebellious couch potato. At first my foot hurt too much to be up and around. Now it feels fine, and I have to keep telling myself, "BEHAVE!"
I may not have lost weight over the past couple of years, but I have enjoyed feeling better, stronger and less lumpy. The thought of sitting back and watching it all systematically unravel is hard for me to deal with. Coupled with that, I think my pain meds are making me moody, so I have switched to Tylenol only.
Did I mention we are in the throes of building a house and now I am pretty much NO help with that either!!!!
On a cheerier note, my wonderful husband has been very patient in dealing with my crying for hours. (the hours he needs to be sleeping) And he has also headed up delegating chores to the kids. The house just may be cleaner than when I am well!! The kids have also been making me cute notes and cards.
I am just glad to be finally feeling human again! (you know, vs. a zombie)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Getting Started

Due to the encouragement (harassment) of a couple of friends, I have now officially launched my own blogging experience. (It may have had something to do with my lengthy comments on their sites!)
I am looking forward to keeping people current on my "constant" life. I am not profound nor grammatically suave, but I do like to talk!
Welcome all!