Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Ten Characteristics of the Crucified Life

1. Few will understand.
2. You must abandon your own will and your own agenda.
3. Your intimate spiritual companions will be few.
4. Intense times of aloneness with God are required.
5. You will be constantly on the witness stand.
6. You must go “outside the camp” (a.k.a. comfort zone)
7. There will be times when your dignity is forfeited.
8. You must forego your rights.
9. You must accept that death is painful.
10.Because he was forsaken, you never will be.

So much struggle, so much pain. Some of it of human origin, some of it the struggle of growth, some of it divine appointment.

So many needy people. So much collateral damage from selfish choices. So many moments I feel there is just nothing I can do, as Satan gloats.

Moment by moment dependence on strength from above, so many things crowding in, and being allowed in, during my time with HIM. So many gentle reminders He is never too busy, never turns His back, or drops my burden.

Continued renewal thru His word, reinforced by reminders such as the outline above and this song

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to School

August 20th, 2009
8 AM

Alex 4th Grade

Marlene 4th Grade

Jon 3rd Grade

Delphia 1st Grade

Jesse Kindergarten
(FINALLY!!! He's only been waiting since this time last year!!)

Mrs. D

Mrs. W

Mrs. G
(we missed her last year. We didn't have any 1st graders)

No Mrs. A this year... so sad. She is an excellent teacher! (2nd grade)

Mrs. B

Homer, 5th grade, and Mrs. Momma

Homer is busy doing "Home Ec". He is chomping at the bit to open the box of his school books that arrived yesterday.
James and Charlie, the boys 4 and almost 1 I will be watching, will be here soon.
This my friends is our new normal, for now....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Life, Working Backward Over The Past 2 Weeks

A Delicious "baby fix " today!
(Baby Lucas)

Are my baby's legs really this long?!!
Family Reunion
The generations blend nicely!

It was a bit cold and windy!

(clothes pin in the milk bottle)


Lake Michigan
I really wanted to walk down to the lake, but I didn't bother getting the kids swim suits on... guess I should have. They ended up swimming in their clothes.

Egg toss

Fajitas AND cheese fries at Chili's
compliments Aunt Lois
Bridal shower

Chilln' at a cousin's pool

Our kids and our former neighbor, Logan
(parks are a great place to meet up with kids!)

My dear Brenda friend
(they bought our house too)
My birthday flowers

This recap doesn't even include the ham dinner with family in MI. The park, the Cascades, the flat tire, the blueberry picking, long walk, surprising a cousin by coming a week earlier than she was expecting us..... I just didn't haul out the camera during all that.
A smaller camera was the only thing on my prayer list for my birthday that I didn't get, but that's whole nother post I have yet to write.
The drywall is is painfully close to being done on the main floor! You're looking at 80% of what is left. Yeah!!!