Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Introducing "Baby Gray"

Dear Blogger family and family in general,
I hope one day to get back to the "11 years ago" theme. I have loads of bullet points I would like to share, BUT....
In a nut shell:
This past spring we were made aware of a child who needed a home. Since that time we have been working with DHS and waiting on the Lord to see if this is a need we can provide for. This particular child is out of state and thus the "hoops" to jump thru are extensive.
This week we will have a "relative home study". The social worker will be talking with us and touring our home, then reporting back to DHS in the state "Baby Gray" is from. We are working like crazy to get things done here on the main floor of our home. I have to wash my painting clothes at night b/c I am in them all day long.
Thankfully things are going very well. Don stayed home yesterday and was able to get all the outlets and switches wired up here, as well as hang the hardware in my closet, and finish installing our lights and smoke alarms. For the first time in our married life (11 years) we have an organizable closet!!! (notice I did not say organized)(yes, I cried)
Anywho, I had a picture to post, but wasn't sure if that is okay or not, since he isn't officially in our home yet.
So, now you know where I've been and what I've been up too. All this in addition to our 5 and all the meals, laundry, lost shoes, homework, etc....
The kids are VERY excited to have a baby around again, he's 10 months old.
P.S. Our anniversary weekend was WONDERFUL!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

11 Years

11 Years Ago Today:
  • after traveling together in Life Action Ministries for 9 months and spending practically all day every day together, Don and I had not seen each other for 60 days!
  • Don who is NOT a morning person woke up at 5 or so to get on the road from MI to IA, and thus arrived blissfully earlier than I expected.
  • I was so keyed up to see Don again and be held by him, that rather than run out to the car to greet him, I ran to the basement to be alone after instructing my mom to send him my way once he got inside. Weird to some, but that moment was so precious to me, I was in no mood for an audience.
  • Many family members were traveling
  • We loaded all my belongings into a trailer hauled out by Don's sister and her husband. I was so sure I needed the big trailer they brought out, but in truth I could have fit all my stuff in the smaller trailer they were thinking of bringing in the first place.
  • Our nephew Tyler made the now historic quote, "I don't want to see any more silos!!!" (the first million had been exciting and helped pass the long trip. After that they lost their charm)
  • Don's grandmas were still alive
  • All my siblings were much younger, as were Don's nephews.
  • Life was a lot simpler, and less complicated
  • We were so sure it couldn't get any better, but in all reality the beauty we beheld then was just the "earth bound caterpillar"

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Sneaky Holiday

EVERY YEAR!!! It always sneaks up on me!

HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY to my grandparents, and my children's grandparents. You are dearly loved and appreciated!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Decisions, Decisions....

Okay, time for a glimpse into how obsessive I can be.

I picked out our bedroom paint color last winter. (very dark blue) I went online and found these cute Euro shams to coordinate and plan on finding a solid color quilt to go with them. I am pretty sure I can find some neat pillows to complete "the look".

Tick, tock, tick tock....

Flash forward to this month. Our bedroom will be ready for paint Saturday. Sudden panic! I am not really sold on "the look" any longer.

Hours spent online looking at bedding. Find some that I am SURE is perfect. It gets delivered. I put it on the bed for display. Hmmmm, I do kinda like the first look. I really like the new look, actually I REALLY like both looks.


Look #1


  • I have the paint. (I could use it in the boys rooms, so it wouldn't be waisted)
  • Don helped pick the paint color, and he really likes the color
  • The sham goes very well with my multi colored Fiesta ware as well as the red office and green laundry room. (all of which you CAN NOT see from our room
  • It coordinates well with our white cotton 1000 thread count sheets (just a note, be prepared to become addicted if you ever up the thread count of your sheets.)


  • I don't know what color to paint the bathroom
  • I have yet to find the PERFECT comforter and shams to go with it
  • I am panicking about the dark blue. Everyone already says, "wow, you really like dark colors don't you?"
  • It lacks "dimension"
  • It will be hard to get another color of paint to cover the dark blue when I change things up in say 5 years.

Look #2


  • I am (currently) really geeked about the color combo
  • Excited about the (possibly) gray walls. (sophisticated with a POP!)
  • I already have the orange paint for the bathroom from my obsessing over the kitchen color
  • Very dimensional
  • With this color combo I could pull in our current comforter cover if I needed a change.
  • Sale! Free shipping!!
  • The gray would be easily covered over, or coordinated with should I change the whole "look".


  • Don hates the color combo (but said it really doesn't matter to him)
  • Not really sure what color to paint the walls. Orange seems to be overwhelming. I am not finding a suitable shade of light orange. I HATE peach. I have settled on a light gray for our room, and orange for the bathroom.
  • Going to need to order another Euro sham for the back layer of pillows.
  • Then there is the fact that I had to purchase this stuff, but I am going to have to find a quilt for the other anyway.

P.S. I do want feedback on this issue, however, please do not be put out if my final choice, should I be able to make one, isn't your favorite. Trust me, my other self will be grieving right alone with you!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lazy Eye

Last week during our routine eye exams, Jesse's first, I was informed that Jesse has a lazy eye. This news was new, but not really shocking. I had noticed something unusual about his eyes from time to time, but never had/ took the time to figure out what it was.
These are Jesse's new glasses. He is THRILLED, for real. He'd been asking all summer, "When am I going to get glasses." I told him we were only getting our eyes checked and most likely he would not get glasses. (All the kids, except Delphia, have had an identical astigmatism at first checks, but haven't needed glasses until 1st grade)
So any way, Jesse got his wish! In theory the corrective lenses should strengthen the weaker eye. He will get them checked again in 6 months to see how things are progressing.
So now these glasses are added to the cowboy boots on the list of things "distinctly Jesse".
The really funny part was that when we were trying on frames these were the first he tried on. As he checked himself out in the mirror he said," PERFECT!!" From that point on each frame was either PERFECT!!! or NOT PERFECT!!!